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ylq ylq  
#1 Posted : 13 April 2019 07:49:34(UTC)
ylq ylq

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The best life? I believe that everyone has their own life and life that they are yearning for. But what kind of living method is the best life in the world? Have you noticed it? The skinny corner of the corner, the wrinkles on the face, and the white hair. The sunlight in the early summer is transmitted from the dense layers of the branches and leaves Cigarettes For Sale Online Usa, and the ground is covered with copper-sized spots. But for this unruly jealousy, it just repeats the unsuccessful day. The beautiful sun has jumped out from behind the mountains in the east, changing the aura of light and color. This stunned sleepy eye slowly stood up from the park's chair. Unhurriedly walked to the street, interspersed in the bustling crowd. What is noticeable is the broken box in his hand. The box is constantly in his hand Newport Box 100'S. From the look of others, it is not more sympathy for him, but a slight disappointment. He sighed long Newport Cigarette Price, perhaps complaining about social injustice, or sighing indifference, but what about it? No one will hear his lonely sigh. Occasionally, passersby throws some coins into his bowl. I don��t know how long it��s been a day, and a touch of sunset slowly maps on that awkward face. He scratched his head and looked at the light on the map. He seemed to think of something. Maybe it was a face that didn't care. Maybe it was a dull back, or a worry for the tonight's footing. This is a His life, his life is poor, he is indifferent, and he is yearning for food and clothing, eye-catching and even fat and scornful, world-famous life, then this is the best life in the world? Look! Isn't that second-line star?! The fans who have been waiting at the airport are screaming in the same place and surrounded him tightly Wholesale Cigarettes Free Shipping. Fortunately, there is the protection of bodyguards, he successfully went to the company's already picked up pick-up vehicles. In the spring, the sun is warm, he shakes the window, opens his hand and feels the sun with his heart, the sun touches his palm with a face, and the Capricorn is comfortable, the sapphire ring he just bought in his hand is also shining in the sun. The next special eye-catching vehicle stopped at the brokerage company's downstairs. After a while, the agent took a bunch of documents and told him about the company's various arrangements for his return. He listened carefully, he Not dare to be scornful, he knows how difficult it is to stand in the current position. In accordance with the arrangement of the company, he participated in various activities and attended various parties. At the time of dinner, he made a date for the married couple who had been handed over. As a daily gathering for the relationship, unintentionally, an unknown tabloid reporter took them with a camera. The second day was burst out by major media. The first time, he received a phone call from the company as a party, telling him that he had stopped all business. The star, his jewellery, is eye-catching, but he is not happy. He yearns for a comfortable and comfortable life. Is this the best life in the world? The one feels that there is no worries about food and clothing Cheapest Newports Cigarettes. The most eye-catching is the life he thinks is the best. The star is comfortable, free and free. What is the best life in the world? In fact, every Individuals have their own lives and have the life they want. Everyone dreams of their own perfect world will inadvertently ignore what they currently have, but instead compare what others are lacking and what we lack. The poor say that having money is the best life. The sinner says that freedom is the best life. The rich say that happiness is the best life. The best life that people yearn for is nothing more than what people add to the current life. What do you insist on asking me what is the best life? I feel that quality life is the best life. . Yes, there are indeed many people in the society who talk about the quality of life and the quality of life all day long. They think that spending more money and spending money is the quality of life. As a result, more and more people are desperately throwing money in every aspect of daily life. When asked why he wants to do so, their answers are justified �C ��In order to pursue quality of life, to pay attention to quality of life. If you have money and can meet the material conditions, it is called quality of life. Is it a quality life that is unique to all the rich? If you have a higher education, you will have a quality of life. Is it true for all college students? If there is a quality of life, people without education will have no quality of life. The answer is of course no. It can be seen that the quality of life is not a patent of a certain class, a certain region or even an era. The ancients can also have a quality of life, the poor, Country folks, artisans, and farmers can all have a quality life. In fact, everyone can have the best life, as long as each human rights balances their own abilities and conditions, and pursues the best that can be owned under limited conditions. Life. Therefore, quality life is a spirit of pursuit, and it is the best style and method to seek this condition under a limited condition. Life is the best life, convinced that "for them is the best." Life is so simple
PlanetOfHolels Hobbs  
#2 Posted : 13 April 2019 23:32:49(UTC)
PlanetOfHolels Hobbs

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The best life is when you can travel and see this world)) Don't you agree? can help you to make your vacation better)
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